• The school was founded by a Society deeply attached to Hindu Religion and Thought. It will, therefore, be the endeavour of the Management to maintain an atmosphere of intense devotion to Hindu Religion in the Campus while inculcating in the wards, love and respect for other religions. The School, which derived its inspiration from Hindu Philosophy, Literature and Culture, tries to integrate these values with the cosmopolitan outlook of a good English Public School.

    The Management and the teachers have set for themselves an ambitious goal of creating a strong younger generation with a sound mind in a sound body. They realized that a mere formal education is too deficient to achieve this end. To develop leadership qualities, high values and good habits in the students, the School lays stress on the following:

    - The guru – sishya tradition,
    - Sense of civic, social and moral responsibilities,
    - The value of Indian literature, history and culture.


Languages :

  • First Language - English is compulsory for all standards
  • Second Language - Tamil is compulsory for all students in Std. I & II.  Hindi is learnt as III Language.
  • Second Language - (Tamil or Hindi ) is compulsory from Std III to Std V.
  • Second Language - (Tamil or Hindi or Sanskrit) is compulsory from Std VI to Std X
  • Third Language - (Hindi or Tamil or Sanskrit) is compulsory for  VI, VII and VIII standards only.

* If Tamil is chosen as Second Language Hindi must  be the Third Language

* If Hindi is chosen as Second Language Tamil / Sanskrit could be the Third Language


Std.I & Std.II : Maths, EVS, General Knowledge, Value Education, Music, Library, Art & Craft, I.T., Physical Education, Bhajans.  Tamil is Compulsory, Hindi is learnt as III Language.

Std.III to V : Maths, Science, Social Science, General Knowledge, Value Education, Music, Library, Art & Craft, I.T., Physical Education, Bhajans, (VCA for Std. V), Cubs & Bulbuls

Std.VI to Std.VIII : Maths, Integrated Science, Social Science, General Knowledge, Value Education, Music, Library, Art & Craft, I.T., Physical Education, Bhajans, VCA, Club Activities., Scouts & Guides

Std.IX & Std.X : Maths, Integrated Science, Social Science, General Knowledge, Value Education, Work  Experience, Library, Art & Craft, I.T., Physical Education, Bhajans,  Club Activities.

Std.XI & Std.XII : Economics/Biology, Accountancy/Chemistry, Business Studies/Physics, Entrepreneurship/Maths/Computer Science, Health Education, General Studies, Environmental Education,     Physical Education, Work Experience.

Tests & Examinations

1. The School year is divided into two terms, (April to September & October to March)
2. A  child seeking admission has  to be registered  first. There after he / she is  given a  test  and  admitted  to  the  class  for which he / she is found fit.   Application   for  admission  should  be  made  in  the prescribed form by the Parent / Guardian of the Child.
3. In no case admission can be granted as matter of course.  The Principal reserves the right to refuse admission without assigning any reason.
4. Student seeking admission to Pre KG should complete 2 years & 3 months by April 1st  of that academic year. (Child born before 30th December)
5.  A  student  opting for any of the three languages viz Hindi / Tamil / Sanskrit in Std.  IX should have studied the same upto Std. VIII.
6. (a) Candidates for admission to Std. XI must have passed Std. X of All India Secondary School Examination of Statutory Universities or S.S.L.C.  Examination  of  any  state Board of  Secondary Education.
 (b) Age limit : A candidate for admission to Std.XI should have completed the age of 15 years on 1st June of the year of admission. 
(c) This school admits only students who have studied their ten year school course in the English Medium. A student seeking admission into the Plus Two Stage should produce in original the following certificates at the time of admission.    
1.  Transfer Certificate      
2.  Conduct Certificate      
3.  Mark Sheet of the last Examination passed      
4.  Pass Certificate from the Board or University concerned


1.       The school uniform must be worn on all school days and for school functions. Sports uniform should be worn on Mondays. Pupils with  incomplete uniform will not be allowed in class. Pupils should be clean and tidy in their dress and belongings.

2.       Jewellery must not be worn when coming to school. Exchange of money or other transactions are not allowed between students.

3.       Pupils are responsible for the safety of their own belongings.  School  cannot assure any responsibility for the loss of the pupil’s belongings.

4.       Writing or scribbling on walls, dirtying the class room or damaging any school property is forbidden.  Articles damaged by children must be paid for, if required at the discretion of the Principal.

5.       Every pupil is urged to contribute to the high moral and spiritual standards set for the school by his / her manner and conduct.

6.       Parents and guardians are requested to see that boys come to school with their hair properly cut.  Nobody with long hair will be allowed in the class.  Girls should have their hair in two plaits.  Non-Vegetarian Food in School Campus is strictly  prohibited.  Severe action will be taken for the violation.     

7.       The school reserves the right to dismiss a pupil on grounds of irregular attendance, disobedience to teachers or any kind of malpractice, objectionable behaviour inside the premises or elsewhere.

8.       No arrangement will be made for holding special examinations for absentees before or after the time fixed for the examinations. All rules and regulations are subject to any modification, if found  necessary in the interest of the school.

9.       Parents are requested to keep the lunch bags of thier wards near  the main gate in the allotted space. The lunch bgas must be labelled.

10.     Parents are not permitted  to enter the school campus during lunch time.

11.     Students using the school transport should board the bus on time at the respective places.

12.     No students should bring mobile phones to the school.  Violation  of  this rule will lead to severe disciplinary action.

13.     Parents must attend the Parent-Teachers’  meeting without fail.  (The schedule of the PTA meeting is shown in the diary)



·      Always speak the truth and be polite to all.

·      Respect the teachers and all elders.

·     Lend a helping hand to the teachers, parents and all others.

·     Be friendly and courteous to all.

·     Use fair means at studies and at play.

·     Respect and preserve the beauty of the classroom, the school and the environment.

·     Be regular to school and punctual in completing all the assigned tasks.

·     Bring books and notebooks as per the time table and maintain them properly.

·     Respect the property of the school.

·     Take pride in wearing the school uniform.

·     Move in an orderly manner while changing class rooms.

·     Respect and participate actively in the proceedings of the morning assembly.

·     Sing the National Anthem with pride.

·     Understand that Time is precious and use it wisely.



·     Disobeying lawful orders of the Principal/Teacher or absenteeism from class without prior permission of Teacher/Principal.

·     Misbehaviour towards teachers or any other staff member.

·     Eve teasing or misbehaviour towards girls.

·     Damaging school property  or students’ property.

·     Intentional disturbance of the class or bullying or intimidation of others.



·     Oral/Written warning to the student and parents/guardian concerned.

·     Suspension from attending classes for a specified period.

·     Recovery of loss to school property.

·     Expulsion or dismissal from school by issuing Transfer Certificate.



1.       No absence is allowed  on the reopening day as well as on the last day of each term.

2.       Students  will  not be allowed to go home between school hours or take half-a-day on either working days or during the  days of tests.

3.       Parents are requested to read the rules carefully and see that they are followed.

4.       Pupils must be in the school premises 10 minutes before the bell.       Late coming will be recorded in the diary (Late attendance record) which  must be signed by the parent.

5.       Late comers will be marked ‘absent’ for the morning session.

   In case a student is late more than thrice, he/she will be sent back home.

6.       90% attendance is required for promotion.